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Carolyn Brummel grew up on a farm on the far west side of Elgin. She has performed with multiple church choirs, concert and jazz choirs at Elgin Community College, Heartland Voices, and also a local choir near Salzburg, Austria. She most recently studied under Dr. Jennifer Barnickel-Fitch.

Carolyn graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Agricultural and Consumer Economics concentrating in Policy, International Trade, and Development, and a minor in Crop Sciences. She farms full-time with her husband, parents, and brother. Carolyn and her brother started a pumpkin business called The Pumpkin Wagon when they were children, and still operate it in Elgin today.

Besides agriculture and singing, Carolyn is passionate about international travel and is involved with the IFYE exchange program. She also serves on the Illinois Farm Bureau State Young Leader Committee. Carolyn enjoys maintaining her passion for singing and is thrilled to be joining the St. Charles Singers.

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