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April 27 (Wheaton) and April 28 (St. Charles)

Music of the Victorian era, when great composers flourished

Creating programs around a central connecting theme is something St. Charles Singers has done before. However, devising a program whereby several composers are selected from a specific era is new to us and, we think, an experience that will be interesting and rewarding for our audience.  We shall see!

The program is unified in that all the composers represented were born in the 19th century.  In fact, a mere 77 years separate the oldest, Mendelssohn and the youngest, R.O Morris.  All the composers either knew each other as colleague, student and teacher or by reputation, with the possible exception of Mendelssohn, who tragically lived only to age 38.  One more unifying feature is that composers represented are from either the United Kingdom, France, Germany or the United States of America. That is where the similarities and unifying themes end, as we hope you will hear and discover.  

As the 19th century rolls along, the individuality of the composer becomes increasingly unique, important and celebrated.   This becomes a tenant for 19th Century artistic value. Walt Whitman (1819-1892) reminds us of this ideology in his poem Song of Myself, in which he writes “I celebrate myself and sing myself.” We hope you will discover, or perhaps re-discover, these composers of the same era, but each of whom give voice to the variety of textures, timbres and emotions to make the music distinctively his own.

Jeff Hunt, Music Director, St. Charles Singers


Bushes and Briars

Brigg Fair

Londonderry Air

Early One Morning

Swansea Town

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