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Scott Stevenson is a noted Chicago area composer, arranger and collaborative pianist.  He is composer-in-residence for St. Charles Singers.

As a composer, Stevenson is regularly commissioned. Chicago’s Metropolis Chamber Orchestra commissioned London Yuletide, for choir and orchestra, premiered in December 2019 as a part of Old St. Patrick’s of Chicago’s annual Deck The Hall concerts.  Requiem 9/11, for choir and chamber orchestra, was premiered on September 11, 2011 at the United Methodist Church of Geneva, Illinois, where he serves as Director of Music. Stevenson has also written music for Chicago’s Second City.
As pianist/arranger for Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Margaret Carlson, Stevenson has appeared with orchestras nationwide, including the Syracuse, Grand Rapids, Gulf Shores and Cedar Rapids Symphonies. He has toured nationally as a keyboardist with Famous Vacationers, Jak Makral, Samba Bamba, and the John Fournier Quintet. He has performed in the Chicago area with Electric Dirt, Everybody Says Yes, Tributosaurus, Frisbie, Robbie Fulks and Michael McDermott.

Stevenson’s work as a singer/songwriter can be heard on his 2010 release Perpetual Calendar, and his jazz compositions can be heard on Scott Stevenson/Randy Henry/Tim Mulvenna/Gerald Dowd. His piano and organ work can be heard on the debut Magic Box EP and The Leland Bluebird Sessions. He also plays accordion on four recordings by the strange-country group Dick Smith: Swill, Smoke Damage, Woozy, and Glad Tidins: Christmas Gouger Vol. 1.

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