Friends of the Choir Subscription

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”   Margaret Shepherd

We invite you to become a Friend of the Choir subscriber.  Subscribers play an important role in our music family. Your advance commitment will help the choir remain financially secure through challenging times, and will enable us to plan prudently for the upcoming season. This year, as you know, is unlike any in the choir’s history. The season ahead is one of promise, but not one we can, with certainty, predict. Will you take a leap of faith with us?

Your Friends of the Choir subscriber pass will be good through May of 2022.  Each pass will admit one person to your choice of up to four live performances. You will also receive an invitation to “Lunch with the Maestro,” and to a cocktail gathering when we can safely gather singers and patrons together.  In addition to these events, you’ll be making an investment in the financial security of St. Charles Singers.

Although the Covid19 pandemic has challenged us all, the choir remains fully focused on our return to performing. Please consider partnering with us as a Friend of the Choir subscriber, and help to assure St. Charles Singers’ vibrant and safe return to singing.  Thank you.

St. Charles Singers performances will resume when our singers and audiences can safely enjoy live performances.  In the meantime enjoy music we have specially selected for listening at home.  

May Music 

May Music is a mixed genre program of 9 of Jeff Hunt’s favorite selections of music form St. Charles Singers previous performances.

Sundays with Mozart

Sundays with Mozart is a collection of 4 thirty minute previously unreleased programs of music selected from the choir’s Mozart Journey, a 17 concert undertaking to perform and record the complete, known genre of W. A. Mozart’s sacred, choral compositions.