Sing! College Ensemble 2020 Application


A 2-day collaborative workshop for collegiate singers and music educators

July 22 – Conducting Masterclass – 6:00-8:30pm

  • Apply early to be one of 3 participants conducting a lab choir that includes members of St. Charles Singers.  Receive feedback from the choir and input from Jeff Hunt, Founder and Music Director of St. Charles Singers.
  • Workshop concert pieces with conductors for the College Ensemble and one additional piece for coaching.
  • Singers who are not conducting are invited to observe the masterclass and join members of St. Charles Singers in the lab choir.

July 23 – College Ensemble – 9:30am-5:30pm, Concert 7pm

  • Spend a day conducting or singing in an ensemble of collegiate musicians from many different Universities and offer peer feedback.
  • Apply early to be one of the 3 College Ensemble conductors receiving coaching in the Masterclass and conducting on the concert.
  • Sing for fun or conduct at the evening concert.

Baker Memorial United Methodist Church
307 Cedar Ave., St. Charles, IL.
Cost – $25 Non-Refundable

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