Phil Nohl

Phil has sung with SCS for over ten years.  Phil was raised in Aurora, Illinois and at the tender age of 1 he pulled a vase off the shelf at a True Value Hardware and it landed on his forehead.  He says that he almost died that day and if he had died he would never have been able to “contaminate SCS with my sense of humor.”

Phil holds a double major from the University of Iowa in Arts & Theatre and Music (Voice).  Currently he is a private music teacher, music director for Second City, performer and Economic Engineer (bank teller).

Phil says the lists of his accomplishments are too lengthy for this space so check him out at

His musical tastes range widely and he likes just about everything except for Gangster Rap.  However he does enjoy Eminem.  “I just can’t listen to him for a long period of time because his music causes me to become ANGRY.  Thank God for James Taylor.  He always calms me down.”

Phil likes collecting everything he can find out about Mel Gibson.  “I love him even though he’s not perfect.”  Phil says that even though he sometimes says things that are “inappropriate”, he is blessed that the people that hear those comments are his friends who accept him for who he is –“or they are just smaller than me”.  He also likes to make people laugh!