Brennan Runzo

Brennan Runzo, newly graduated in May 2018, holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Moody Bible Institute. Often described as a “Handelian Tenor,” Brennan loves to sing a variety of genres, ranging from early Baroque to contemporary styles. Having the opportunity to sing with the Chicago Symphony Chorus and the St. Charles Singers immediately upon graduating from college is an immense blessing, and an honor for which Brennan is thankful. He is excited to begin his journey into Chicago’s choral music world and eager to pursue any opportunity that may arise.  

Raised in Colorado, Brennan loves to travel and engage in varied outdoor activities including camping, backpacking, and snowboarding. While at home, he enjoys creative outlets such as songwriting, quality media, and reading good books. Most importantly, Brennan desires to pursue these activities with the people he loves. He is looking forward to exploring the city of Chicago further and meeting more people in the music world.