Testimonials from Composers, Friends, and Patrons


"I have been privileged to direct Jeff Hunt's choir on a number of fondly-remembered occasions over the years, and it is like being allowed to drive someone else's finely-tuned Rolls-Royce (or whatever is your favorite luxury car). They purr along effortlessly at high speed, negotiate the awkward corners with ease, make you feel like a better driver-and you don't even have to fill them up with fuel. "

- John Rutter


"Magnificent! No other words will do!
- Mozart Journey IV patron


"St Charles Singers are certainly a gift to our community."
- Teenage Mozart patron


"Recently heard on WFMT that musicians are BEARERS of the BEAUTIFUL.
You had my complete attention with your first lovely notes – it was a beautiful concert.
I thank you for your talents, years of study and the bringing of sublime joy."

- A new patron commenting on Candlelight Carols 2013