Board of Directors


The Board of Directors is responsible for the ongoing organization, mission, and vision for the Choir. Currently the Board is made up of members from the community and includes one liaison member of the choir (Karen Lukose).  Members of the Board are charged with helping to create a sustainable flow of income and support to the Choir through grants, corporate sponsorships, advertising revenues, individuals donations and other developmental efforts.  Ticket receipts to concerts cover only a portion of our annual income needs.  We must raise an additional $150,000 of the cost to operate the Choir each year.

 The Board oversees two modest investment funds:  the R. Gordon Hinners Scholarship Fund and the Allegro Fund which is being grown to provide longer term income for the Choir.



Meet the Board (2016-2017)

SCS BOD 2016-2017

L-R: Diane Herr, Karen Lukose, Kay Kendall, Ex. Dir., Kathleen
Bourne, Janelle Ream, Sandra Benhart, Lynne Nellemann, Marsha
Webster, Jeff Hunt, Music Director

Marsha Webster, President
Sandra Benhart, Vice President
Karen Lukose, Secretary, Choir Liaison
Steve Wright, Treasurer

At Large Members
Kathleen Bourne
Diane HerrLynne Nellemann
Janelle Ream
Elizabeth Safanda 

Development Committee

Marsha Webster, Chair
Lynne Nellemann
Liz Safanda
Jeff Hunt (exo)
Kay Kendall (exo)
Grace Bardsley (volunteer)


Finance Committee

Steve Wright, Chair
Diane Herr
Kay Kendall (exo)


Marketing Committee

Jennifer Hunt (volunteer)
Karen Lukose
Jeff Hunt (exo)
Kay Kendall (exo)
Nat Silverman (publicist)
Ingrid Burrichter (volunteer)


Programs and Outreach Committee

Sandra Benhart, Chair
Steve Wright
Jeff Hunt (exo)
Dale Morgan (St Charles North HS rep, volunteer)
Diane Seymour (volunteer)
Mary Ann Tilton (volunteer)
Eric Werner (St Charles East HS rep, volunteer)



For inquiries about the Board and Committees of St Charles Singers you can email us here.