Want to Sing with St. Charles Singers?

Auditions are in process for the 2017-2018 season.

St Charles Singers is currently receiving resumes and audio audition files for those interested in singing for the 2017-2018 season.

All new interested singers must submit an audio file and resume for consideration.

1. Please submit 2 musical selections which highlights your best musical skills. This song may or may not be accompanied. Your choice.

While we are not judging your recording abilities, it would be best if you use a higher quality digital recorder.  Try to record where there is minimal background noise (traffic, fans, dogs, children, etc) and where you are close enough to your mic for a quality recording without creating distortion.  Songs which include piano or other instrument should emphasize your voice with the accompanying instrument more as background so that you may be clearly heard.

3. Please submit your recording(s) along with a resume of your singing/musical history (including contact info--cell phone, mailing address, email, etc) to:

info@stcharlessingers.com Your submission will be acknowledged by email.

4. Please upload each selection as a separate audio file with your name as part of the filename and please mention your name in the audio recording before you begin singing.  Acceptable file types are mp3, wma, wav, or aac.
You may submit your resume as a WORD document, PAGES file, or PDF file only.

The deadline for submission is Monday, May 1, 2017.  If you are asked to be heard in person, you'll be contacted about a date for the in-person audition.

Click HERE to see a copy of our proposed rehearsal and concert schedule.  Please be certain you can attend the required rehearsals before auditioning.

Questions may be submitted to info@stcharlessingers.com

Thank you!